From when I realised I could make my own decisions, I started to find life to be very interesting.  You get what you are. If you live expecting something good or bad to happen to you, it always does.  Might be hard to understand this, but if you live your life expecting all to be doom and gloom, then you will never gain much success. If you expect everything to happen to you, even if they happen, they don’t lust. Things that come easy to you will always leave you as easy as they came. Opinions that people give you for the work you are doing as an obligation, will never benefit you.

97% of people, are driven by what others say to them. That if people don’t get a compliment from those around them in their journey to success, they suddenly feel demotivated to continue. They forget that, the reason they are trying to achieve their goals, is not because of what their Mother or Father, Brother or even Sister thinks or says.

The reason you started making a journey towards your goal is because you felt in your heart to do so. There was a drive that pushed you to making decisions.

So remember what that why is. Remember that which drives you. Stop been afraid to achieve your goals because someone is not complimenting the steps you are taking. Stop been jealous because someone else is been complimented. Stop been afraid of your family not complimenting you. You are not doing this for them to compliment you. You are doing it because you got passion.

Be the best at everything you do. Not because you are looking for compliments but because you got passion for it. Because you know that you have to. Make this month the best month yet and be the best you can be.


You can always get out of the situation

Sometimes, trying to figure out why certain things happen is quite a dilemma. Just go with the flow, be patient, do your thing. You’ll get to your answer. just do what you can, when you can and God shall provide for the rest.